The Listeners Trust

Registered Charity 267990 with its Declaration of Trust created in 1974

Contact: The Correspondent, The Listeners, 15 Hilldown Road, Southampton  SO17 1SX    United Kingdom

What is funded

To support Christian projects, usually on a one-off basis, and to support individuals in need who are engaged in Christian fields of work, or who are training for them. Preference is given to projects and individuals in the City of Southampton and the county of Hampshire. Donations are also made to relieve poverty but only on a basis of local referral and not in answer to unsolicited letters. At this time we are supporting local organisations dealing with issues arising from the pandemic.

What is not funded

Grants are not usually made to support building appeals, for general student support or to appeals from large national charities.

Type of grant

Donations, usually one-off; core funding and/or salaries are rarely considered. The Trustees are keen to support a few projects with each making a crucial difference. In FY20/21 we made 19 awards averaging £691 of which 4 were £1000 or more.

Finances (2020/2021)

Income £11197, Expenditure £13136


The eight Trustees consider applications about three times per year. The next deadline for receipt of applications is October 2022.

How to apply

Apply in writing to the Correspondent above at any time. Modest urgent requests can sometimes be responded to quickly. Your application should emphasise how it aligns with the funding criteria stipulated above. We strongly recommend that you use our application form.


We generally do not reply to applications until they are considered at a meeting of the Trustees. If invited to use email for subsequent correspondence, please ensure that the word 'Listeners' in included the subject line to avoid messages being automatically discarded.

Last updated 10 June 2022